Car rental in Dubai for your weekend getaway or business trip will always help with travel issues in the Emirates. At, we strive to provide our customers with the best car hire service in Dubai; with more than 20 different brands of vehicles and door-to-door pick-up and delivery service available, booking a cab from the airport to your destination has never been simpler! Here are some key advantages why choosing us as your go-to car hire provider in Dubai makes sense: 24/7 Availability of Assistance and Service No matter when or where you book a car with us, whether at noon or midnight. And if any problems arise during your journey - such as battery failure or other mechanical problems - our staff members will be there to help make things easy for you.

Our services are flexible and tailored to fit any schedule; let us know what time best works for you, and we'll take care of the rest. At, our motto is always to provide our customers with all the best offers. Our staff is available 24/7 to provide any assistance needed and offers 24/7 support from our staff members. will always work hard to solve any queries during your stay. Dubai Offers Low-Cost Car Rental Services At Car Rental Dubai. We guarantee our clients the most cost-effective automobile rental services at unbeatable prices. Get your dream vehicle at a great price with us. Pick-up and delivery to any address in Dubai. If you need a reliable pick-up from Dubai Airport or another location such as a hotel or your home, We can arrange pick-up at an affordable rate and deliver you right to where you need to be. Check out our low-cost pick-up and drop-off services now! Visit our web portal and browse all the cars available on our site. Once you've selected a vehicle, you have two payment methods: online or cash upon delivery. Car delivery and pick-up Once we receive confirmation of your payment, we'll deliver the car directly to your address in Dubai.

Documents Required for Car Rental in the UAE

Everyone knows the UAE consists of seven Emirates, all situated around the world. If you want to explore all these attractions such as Mall of the Emirates in Abu Dhabi and Sheikh Zayad Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, Burj Khalifa in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah's resorts, car rental is your best bet. All documents required for renting a vehicle in UAE must be provided.

For UAE Residents

scorpion car rental provide best offers
  • Passport copy
  • Local Driving licence
  • Emirates ID
For Tourists visiting the UAE

special offers on tourist form india, pakistan, russia, uk, usa
  • Passport copy
  • International driving license
  • Copy of Visit Visa/ Visa stamp
Tourists who are from the USA, Canada, and EUROPE can drive with their driving license only. They do not require an international driving permit.

Frequently asked Questions

scorpion car rental faqs

We offer a wide range of vehicles to rent, such as budget-friendly models, mid-size SUVs and luxury sports cars.

The minimum age requirement to hire a car is 21, and all drivers must possess an official driver's license.

Absolutely, we offer daily car rental.

Absolutely, we offer long-term car rentals to customers who require a vehicle that will last at least one month.

We accept payments by credit card, Cash or Crypto.

Yes, it is possible to hire a car without using your credit card; however, you will need cash as a deposit.